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Markus, Helen, & Olivia

Mission Partners in Ukraine

Here are ways to support, connect with, and get suggestions for places to support in Ukraine


We have been asked how you can support the Wolf's.

Here is a list of how to do that:

  • Please commit to pray for them and the people of Ukraine.

  • You may make a one time financial gift to them by giving to the church office or offering plate and clearly designating it "Wolf".

  • You may make a one time gift or a recurring monthly gift (the most helpful) at this website. Note the "Recurring gift" check box at the bottom of the form:

  • E-mail them at: 

  • While not up to date, the Wolf's have a Facebook page that shows the many ministries they were involved with...and hope to be again when they can return:  


We've also been asked what places can we recommend for relief projects in Ukraine. Here are some suggestions:

  • We have a longstanding relation with the Outreach Foundation who have several projects they are supporting: 


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