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Thoughts on Pride Month by Pastor Al

Updated: May 31

June has become an awkward month for me. With rainbow flags flying over government buildings, companies hosting “Pride” events and advertisements, and an endless stream of media sources promoting LGBTQ events, I find it hard to know how to respond. Who decided that this would last a whole month? So, I thought I’d share at least a few things for us to think about.


Let me start with two important points.


First, it is very clear that in scripture homosexual behavior is clearly outside of God’s will for humanity. Just read Romans 1:24-32 if you think this is not clearly taught and you will find many other scriptures to support this as well.


I would note that some Christians, especially in the now anonymous world of the internet, have used these Biblical prohibitions as a justification to threaten or engage in threatening actions towards gays, lesbians, or others. This is never justified. Again read Romans 12:18-21 that speaks to this and is simply one of countless of passages that tell us to love those who disagree with us. Honestly, I question the authentic Christianity of anyone who physically threatens or intimidates anyone.

Second, I do believe that in our pluralistic society - one thankfully marked by freedom of expression - that the rights of everyone to basic human rights should be recognized and defended, regardless of race, color, creed, or sexual orientation. We Christians have not always done this well.

So, to the degree that Pride month focuses on the need for basic civil rights for the LGBTQ community – a community that has been too often subject to oppression and violence – I can support these efforts. These people should not have to fear for their safety, jobs, or other rights. To that, I do agree, wholeheartedly.


That all said, we all know that under this rainbow flag there are far greater goals and many groups and ideas that come under this banner. Many of these goals and groups I cannot support and that’s why I cannot support “Pride Month”, because it does represent things that I believe God is opposed to.

While I don’t think we should expect non-Christians to live their lives by Biblical standards, I don’t think as Christians we can say “OK” to things God says are wrong and hurtful. People should have the freedom for most lifestyle choices, but I cannot personally support things that I believe God clearly opposes and are ultimately hurtful to those who practice them.


But even beyond this, we all have seen and experienced an underlying element of the “Pride” movement: To get everyone to agree with them. Acceptance isn’t enough, agreement is the goal. It has gone beyond civil rights and into widespread coercion of those with different values.


If you say that the Bible speaks against homosexual behavior, that is now called “hate speech”. If you don’t agree with the full agenda, you’re branded as evil and ‘cancelled’. Just look at how quickly and vehemently Harry Potter author, J.K. Rowling, has been attacked for her (very reasonable IMHO) comments on women’s rights and the trans movement. People are now burning her books and posting videos of it. The Pride movement is not simply about allowing LGBTQ people to be safe and free in society, it’s about punishing people who think differently, in any way.


So, for all these reasons (and more) I can’t celebrate or support Pride month and the events surrounding it. You won’t see rainbows on my social media posts, and again, not because I disagree with the basic idea of safety and human rights for all, but because there are too many other things that have become a part of it that I think are unwise and un-Biblical.


I do believe that we simply need to lovingly hold our ground. Directing hate and anger towards the LGBTQ community or Pride events is probably both counterproductive and un-Biblical. But participating in these events or celebration sends the wrong message to a world that still needs to hear the truth. Most of the times the word ‘pride’ is used in Scripture, it has a negative connotation. Don’t forget that simple truth:

Psalm 40:4 (ESV) — 4 Blessed is the man who makes the Lord his trust, who does not turn to the proud, to those who go astray after a lie!

Soli Deo Gloria,


Pastor Al Sandalow

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